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A Few Words From Our Founder and CEO

Hey, y’all!

Thank you for being part of the Skinny Guy Campers (SGC) family. When we launched SGC in late 2019, we never thought we’d have so many website subscribers and followers on social media. We are finally ready to roll, and we’re stoked to hear about how you’ll use a Skinny Guy to take your Overlanding to the next level!

The last 18 months have been very busy yet highly productive. We have been building the company, setting up our Bristol, Indiana – based production facility, all while dialing in our Model 6.5. After several prototypes, extensive field-testing in Montana, working through supply chain issues, and refining our production process, we’re happy to say our

Model 6.5 (which fits a 6.5’ truck bed) is ready to launch. We’re now ready for customers to configure and reserve the model of their choice.

people standing in front of mountains and water
Founder and CEO Jason Bontrager with his amazing wife Aimee.

"We're excited to announce the launch of our new website and that camper reservations are now open."

To simplify the customer configuration and reservation process, we launched a new tool on the website. The new website went live this week with the ability to reserve any model, from Model 4.5, which will fit the Rivian® R1T, up to Model 8.0, which will work in an 8’ truck bed.

Even though a model other than Model 6.5 can be reserved, the development and testing phase of those models is not yet complete, and they won’t be ready for delivery until late 2022. Model 6.5 reservations, however, will begin being filled this year and early 2022. A reservation can be made for any of our models with a one-time, fully refundable deposit of $1,000. This reservation is very important for two reasons:

  1. It tells us that you are serious enough about your interest in our product that you are willing to set aside $1000for a spot in line, and

  2. It will help us to re-prioritize the development, if needed, of the following models:

  • Model 4.5 – compatible with Rivian® R1T,

  • Model 5.0 – compatible with Toyota® Tacoma (and other similar-sized trucks),

  • Model 5.0GLR – compatible with Jeep® Gladiator (with sidewalls to matching vertical wall profile

  • Model 5.5 – compatible with Toyota® Tundra Crewmax (and any truck with 5.5’ bed),

  • Model 8.0 – compatible with any truck with an 8’ bed,

Also, today, is the start of Overland Expo Mountain West, taking place in Loveland,

Colorado, from Friday, 8/27 to Sunday, 8/29. If you find yourself in the area and so desire, please come see us at our display.

We will have two production-built Model 6.5’s at the show. One is built with a grey exterior, and one has a black exterior. Both are equipped with the Kit ‘N Kaboodle trim level (which includes everything) and the PrimoLoo option (flushing toilet and black tank). We will also have on display our 2019 Toyota Tacoma overland rig “Rudolph” and our prototype Model 5.0 mounted and all wrapped in digital Skinny Guy camo.

Stay adventurous,

Jason Bontrager

Founder & CEO

Skinny Guy Campers

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