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Adventure Built Interview 2021 Best of Overland Expo Mountain West

Adventure Built

Wow, I mean I can see by the level of quality on this model here the price is completely justified this thing is beautiful!

-Adventure Built

We actually have six patents pending on this product...one of those is our floor height, so there's really nothing else out there that has a floor height at the top of the bed rail. Another patent-pending item is our three-point jack system. So, basically, remove the entire jack system in order to lighten up the product but also to just make it fully removable and give you a nice flush side around the bed, We have a trough system, so if it rains and you're out the water will collect in the trough; and we have two spigots that we've mounted in the roof slash bed platform that allow you to funnel that water. Plus we've got basically a full-on camper that fits in a Tacoma.

-Jason Bontrager, Founder of Skinny Guy Campers

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