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News from the Ranch - September 2022

Skinny Guy Camper HQ

Well, it's been a minute since our last update, but we have just been so busy! We are working on filling orders for our 6.5 models from the previous production run. Campers are still available for purchase but not for long, so if you have been waiting, now is the time.

5.5 Model

The 5.5 model left for the tent makers and the basement that will house all the water tanks and water systems is being finished in R&D. This is exciting news as this is a highly anticipated model with the introduction of the new Toyota Tundra just last year. This model will have the same sleeping area as the 6.5 model, and with the overall interior design, we feel like it is just as roomy in the living space.

5.0GLR Model

Beep, Beep, Jeep! The new 5.0GLR will also find its way to the tent manufacturer over the coming weeks. This model will take the Jeep crowds by storm! With its beautifully designed profile to flow perfectly with the Jeep body lines, this camper will look like it was made for the Gladiator right from the factory. It has a tremendous amount of space, and the sleeping area is surprisingly large, considering the Gladiator is a midsize truck.

Rivian Model

Our Rivian has landed at the shop, and development will begin soon on this very exciting EV. We are still very impressed with this incredible truck's overall design and features. It is so well thought out that anything less than a Skinny Guy Camper on the bed would seem inadequate.

Please keep your eyes on all the latest products from Skinny Guy Campers as we travel to multiple shows and rallies in the coming months. Be sure to check out the upcoming events section on our homepage to find one of these events near you.

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